Is the quickshifter suitable for my motorbike?
There are two versions of quickshifter - push and pull Which of these two versions do you need, depends on moving direction of the shift rod. Here you can find the list of motorbikes on which quickshifter can be installed. If your model of motorbike isnt mentioned, it doesnt mean, that you cannot use the quickshifter. In this case we would like to ask you to contact us.

Where can I find the appropriate shift rod?
Compatible shift rod is included into standard scope of delivery. Buying our product, you specify, on which model do you want to apply the quickshifter and we choose the right one for you.

With which fuel control units can I use the quickshifter?
The quickshifter is compatible with many popular fuel control units (e.g. Dynojet Powercommander, MRP Gear-Shifter). An appropriate plug for Dynojet Powercommander USBIII is enclosed, so you dont need any adaptations to be made at the wiring harness.